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Ambiki - Football Writing Prompt Cover Page

Football Writing Prompt
by Meagan Delaney

A writing prompt about football.

Ambiki - Story DiceRoll a Dice

Halloween: Story Dice/Roll a Dice
by Teodora Gajic Bakic, MOT, OTR/L

Language Resource. Imagination Resource. Pretend Play Resource. Advanced Cutting Resource. Group Resource.

Ambiki - thumb Kiki flying

Kiki is Flying Comic
by Virginia Ingram, CCC-SLP

Learn about Kiki’s unique way of flying and how an Occupational Therapist ends up working with Kiki. A great comic for OT month (or anytime you want to discuss what an OT does). Includes a blank co...

Ambiki - Kiki and Robo play hide and seek (500 × 500 px)

Kiki and Robo Play Hide and Seek - Comic, Coloring Activity, Prepositions
by Virginia Ingram, MS CCC-SLP

Kiki and Robo play hide and seek can be used by ST, OT, and PT. • OT: Coloring, prepositions • PT: Action verbs, imitating the activities or introducing the concept of hide and seek • ST: Prepositi...

Ambiki - rwbnjbabbuhlrqq6tp4k

My Favorite Teacher Valentine
by Sara Lowczyk

This is a Valentine’s Day card to give to a teacher with visual support options.

Teletherapy-only resource

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