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Ambiki - Feeding 101 Caregiver Handout 6 Non-food Sensory Activities to Do with Your Child at Home

Feeding 101 Caregiver Handout: 6 Non-Food Sensory Activities to Do With Your Child At Home
by Gabriella Cousino, M.S., CF-SLP

Feeding 101 Caregiver Handout: includes 6 non-food sensory activities to do with your child at home.

Ambiki - Stuttering Jeopardy

Stuttering Facts & Myths Jeopardy
by Ian Quillen, M.S., CCC-SLP

[Stuttering Facts & Myths Jeopardy.pptx] An interactive powerpoint with jeopardy facts & myths about stuttering. This can be useful to provide education to school-age, adolescent, and adult clients...


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