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Ambiki - dino-maze

Dinosaur Mazes
by Kevin Dias

A dinosaur maze activity for working on visual scanning or visual spatial activities in order to improve visual motor skills. The first maze is fairly simple and the second maze is a little harder.

Ambiki - TBIConcussion Packet

Kiki's Visual Exercises For Concussion Rehabilitation (with Handout For Caregivers)
by Bethany Ayer

Concussion Resource. Caregivers Handout. Home Program. This is an 8 page resource that focuses on visual exercises following a TBI with a focus in post-concussion symptoms. There is a handout here ...

Ambiki - 1611774573_0ec8b499-c8cd-4bc7-b9e1-07aea988e2c7

Pencil Control Exercises- Vertical Lines
by Glenna Nave

Writing Resource. Pre-writing Worksheet. Fine Motor Resource. Occupational Therapy Resource. OT. Pencil Control. Directions: connect the dots while keeping marks inside the pathway.

Ambiki - 1600481905_f8828035-fa33-4051-9031-b48673aa2244

Visual Scanning-Stars
by Glenna Nave

Worksheets. Practice visual scanning while locating numbers or letters on the page.

Ambiki - Nature Scavenger Hunt.001

Scavenger Hunt
by Krystan Inman

A scavenger hunt is fun and can be rewarding. It can boost in self-confidence and offer a sense of accomplishment our children often need. It can build self-esteem and encourage children to mingle ...

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