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Ambiki - Glimmer of Winter (500 × 500 px)

Glimmer of Winter
by Virginia Ingram, MS CCC-SLP

A collection of things associated with winter. This includes 70 vocabulary words representing Winter for all of those who can see a Glimmer of Winter. These items are discussed in many of the activ...

Ambiki - kiki mandala

Help Kiki Color the Mandala
by Kimberly Luster, COTA

There are 8 pictures of mandalas to color and 1 sample page. Coloring can be helpful to reduce stress, improve attention to task, calmness, problem solving, fine motor skills, pre-writing skills, l...

Ambiki - Symmetry

Symmetry Drawing
by Teodora Gajic Bakic, MOT, OTR/L

Drawing Resource. Occupational Therapy Resource. 6 worksheets for symmetry drawing using the grid as a visual reference. 5 worksheets with flowers and animals, and 1 with math geometrical shapes.

Ambiki - giywg7niglv3kr39xu9c

Labeling Colors
by Breann Voytko

Label the crayon colors

Teletherapy-only resource

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