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Ambiki - Button the Stowaway

"Button The Stowaway" Adventure Story
by Teodora Gajic Bakic, MOT, OTR/L

Reading Resource. The story in pictures. Easy Questions with Visual Support. Geography Resource. Traveling Resource. Transportation (plane, train, bus, ship).

Ambiki - National Aviation Day 2

National Aviation Day
by Teodora Gajic Bakic, MOT, OTR/L

Language Resource. Occupational Therapy Resource. Feelings. Occupation. Needs. Girls empowerment. Community worker. Worksheets. This resource is dedicated to pilots and all aviation professions. Ha...

Ambiki - AAC Resource for National Aviation Day

AAC Resource For National Aviation Day
by Gabriella Romanoski, M.S., CF-SLP

AAC Resource for National Aviation Day: includes AAC communication board and guide on how to use the AAC resource.


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