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Ambiki - thumb Kiki flying

Kiki is Flying Comic
by Virginia Ingram, CCC-SLP

Learn about Kiki’s unique way of flying and how an Occupational Therapist ends up working with Kiki. A great comic for OT month (or anytime you want to discuss what an OT does). Includes a blank co...

Ambiki - 1613662349_15b44d77-f53f-41d0-bf0a-7d79aca77a29

Birthday Activities
by Glenna Nave

Fine Motor Resource. Coloring Resource. Playdoh Resources. Occupational Therapy Resources. Eight birthday-themed activities including play-doh mats, following the directions, tracing, and color by ...

Ambiki - 1612276774_df4f3704-2000-41c0-bab0-1b2e0ff77601

Positive Affirmations Writing
by Glenna Nave

Express Needs. All About Me. Emotions. Mental Health Resources. Language Resource. Occupational Therapy Resources. Teenagers. Dice Resource. Directions: Roll a dice (or 2 die) and write the sentenc...


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