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Ambiki - Glimmer of Winter (500 × 500 px)

Glimmer of Winter
by Virginia Ingram, MS CCC-SLP

A collection of things associated with winter. This includes 70 vocabulary words representing Winter for all of those who can see a Glimmer of Winter. These items are discussed in many of the activ...

Ambiki - @kiki-reading-1

Kiki's Holiday Breakfast Story
by Bailey Morgan, MA, CCC-SLP

A story about Kiki who is planning to make breakfast for the holidays. The story focuses on planning, making lists, requesting, problem solving, following a recipe, and more.

Ambiki - Celebration Breakfast

Butter Recipe
by Virginia Ingram, MS, CCC-SLP

This is a recipe for making butter that can be used in just about any therapy session. The recipe is very easy but requires persistence and the ability to stay on task. Prep ideas: • Print and lami...

Ambiki - gtwaggmiiny6ayfly3ff

Fine Motor Activities 2021
by Glenna Nave

Two activity sheets for the new year.

Ambiki - i9uml8cq9retaamtumjv

Sammy New Year Coloring Activity and Following Directions
by Jessica Lenden-Holt

Variety of coloring pages/images including New Year’s Sammy and Balloons, 1 page of post-it notes for New Year Goal Writing Sammy created by Kamryn Busby Coloring Images from

Teletherapy-only resource
Ambiki - wvfbgktjqb4j0f6pimvt

New Year’s Resolution Worksheet
by Sara Lowczyk

A New Year’s resolution worksheet with prompts and vocabulary terms.

Teletherapy-only resource

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